Toddler drooling (if child age is under 3) is quite common and if you think can it be cured with speech therapy and the answer to this question is not a simple yes or no.

Drooling can be caused by a variety of physical and neurological factors, such as the shape and size of the mouth, teething, allergies and other medical conditions. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for drooling in toddlers.

Speech therapy may be beneficial for some cases of toddler drooling. Speech therapists use techniques aimed at increasing oral sensory awareness and strengthening facial muscles that help control the flow of saliva.

  • For example, they may teach children how to stick out their tongues properly and practice activities such as blowing bubbles with straws or whistles to strengthen mouth muscles involved in drooling control.

In addition to speech therapy, other treatments may be necessary to address the underlying causes of toddler drooling, such as medical conditions or allergies.

It is important for parents to consult with a pediatrician if their child is experiencing persistent drooling in order to determine the best treatment plan.

Ultimately, each case of toddler drooling should be evaluated on an individual basis to determine what therapies are most appropriate and effective.

In some cases, speech therapy alone may provide relief from 2 yr old toddler drooling; however, it is not a guaranteed cure-all. If your child has 2 year old drooling or 3 year old drooling, talk to your doctor about the best treatment options for them. With the right combination of therapies—including speech therapy—drooling can be managed or eliminated.

The overall goal is to properly assess the causes of toddler drooling and develop a treatment plan that addresses them, whether it includes speech therapy or not. If you are concerned about your child’s drooling, consult with a doctor or speech therapist for individualized advice. With the right support and techniques, toddler drooling can be improved and even cured in some cases.

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