Gliding speech therapy is a type of speech therapy that helps children with speech disorders. It cures your child if he/she suffering from phonological processing disorders.

As its name suggests the Gliding is a phonological process that happens when someone says “top” instead of “stop” or “bock” instead of “block.” So by doing a Gliding speech therapy, a therapist teaches children how to produce smooth, fluent speech by moving their tongues and lips in specific ways.

Gliding speech therapy

Gliding speech therapy Focus and Goal

It is a type of therapy that focuses on the coordination of movement within the mouth and lips, paying close attention to the timing and rhythm of speech. The goal of gliding speech therapy is to help children develop smoother and more fluent speech production. Therapists may use a variety of techniques, including visual feedback, modeling, and practice drills with mirrors or other objects that can provide visual cues for producing the correct sounds.

Additionally, therapists may also use cue cards or visuals to supplement verbal instructions during treatment sessions. Through regular practice combined with direct instruction from a qualified therapist, children can learn how to produce smooth and fluent speech. This can be an effective way to help children improve their communication skills as well as their self-confidence in speaking.

Gliding speech therapy sessions and per session cost

Gliding speech therapy sessions typically involve one-on-one instruction, with the therapist and child working together to learn the correct techniques. During a session, the therapist may use verbal instructions and cues combined with visual feedback to help the child practice producing smooth and fluent speech.

The therapist may also give direct correction when necessary or pause for a few seconds between words or phrases as appropriate. He/she may use audiotapes of speech samples or videos to provide additional reference material for children to work with during their treatment sessions. Through regular practice and guidance from a qualified therapist, children can learn how to produce smoother and more fluent speech over time.

Regarding the gliding speech therapy fee – a therapist charges a lower fee for the first session and then a higher fee for each session thereafter. This type of fee schedule encourages people to get the help they need as soon as possible. But if you have been looking for what would the average cost then it would be around $120 to $200 per session.

How Gliding speech therapy Helps

As we already explained that this therapy help people with speech disorders to improve the clarity and smoothness of their speech. It can also help to reduce the amount of effort that is needed to produce speech sounds.

During gliding speech therapy, a person will be taught and encouraged to change the way they produce sounds. This can involve changing their vocal pitch and intensity, as well as the speed of their articulation. Through practice and repetition of these new techniques, individuals can learn how to use them correctly in order to improve their speech clarity.

This therapy may also include exercises that help people to become aware of how muscles are used when speaking, so that an individual can better control and coordinate them for improved speech production.

It is a beneficial therapy for those with a variety of different types of communication disorders including stuttering, dysarthria (a motor-speech disorder), apraxia, motor planning difficulties, and other related issues.

Gliding speech therapy also includes activities that work on other aspects of communication such as facial expression, gesture use, eye contact and body language. These elements are important when communicating since they can add meaning and context to what is being said.

Additionally, these skills may help an individual interact more effectively with others and better understand what is being said to them. All of these skills can be developed through the use of gliding speech therapy, which helps people learn how to produce sounds more accurately and fluently.

Overall, this therapy can help individuals who are struggling with certain communication disorders by providing specific techniques for improving their clarity and fluency.

With practice and repetition, individuals may find that they are able to communicate more easily with those around them. As individuals continue to make progress in their sessions, they will gradually become more confident communicators as well as better listeners. Ultimately, this type of therapy can provide people with a newfound ability to express themselves clearly and confidently.

Gliding speech therapy – An Advice for Parents

For parents who are interested in learning more about gliding speech therapy or trying it out for their child, they should find a certified speech therapist who has experience working with children with speech disorders.

The therapist will be able to provide an individualized plan that fits the needs of their child and help monitor progress over time. It is important for parents to stay involved throughout the process and provide support to their child while they learn the techniques needed for smoother and more fluent speech.

With commitment, patience, and a qualified therapist, gliding speech therapy can be an effective way to help children improve their communication skills.

I hope this information was helpful in understanding what gliding speech therapy is and how it can help children with speech disorders become better communicators. If you have any questions or would like more information about this therapy, please don’t hesitate to reach out and don’t forget to share it with others.

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