A pediatric speech language pathologist salary can be affected by some factors such as where they work, how many years of experience they have, and what kind of company they work for.

So depending on the factors, let’s find out how much they make on average each year and how important it is that they help kids speak well. Read full help guide below:

What is Pediatric Speech language pathologists

Speech language pathologists (SLPs) who specialize in pediatrics are trained to identify and treat a wide range of communication problems in children, from speech delays to language impairments.

These diseases can have an effect on a child’s capacity to communicate their thoughts and feelings, comprehend language, and interact with other children.

Pediatric speech-language pathologists work in a diverse range of environments, including as schools, hospitals, and private clinics; as a result, their salary might fluctuate widely depending on a variety of factors.

Pediatric Speech language pathologists Salary

As per May 2023, reported by Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the median annual pay for speech-language pathologists is range from $60,480 to $105,260 per year.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that this salary can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the employer type, the number of years of experience, and the location of the job.


When deciding a pediatric SLP’s compensation, location is one of the most important factors to consider. Salaries have a tendency to be significantly higher in urban areas and significantly lower in rural locations.

According to the BLS, the median annual compensation for speech-language pathologists in the state of California is $91,960, whereas the median annual salary for speech-language pathologists in the state of Mississippi is $63,640.


Additionally, the number of years of experience can have an effect on a pediatric SLP’s salary. In general, speech language pathologists (SLPs) who have more years of experience earn higher salaries.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) conducted a poll in 2023 and found that the typical annual compensation for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) with less than a year of experience was $60,000. On the other end of the spectrum, the median annual salary for SLPs with 21 or more years of experience was $97,000.

Type of Firm

The income of a pediatric speech language pathologist can also be affected by the type of company. It’s possible that speech-language pathologists who work in public schools or for government organizations make less money than their counterparts who work in private clinics or for hospitals.

SLPs that work in schools or for government organizations may be eligible for additional benefits, including as retirement plans and health insurance. This fact should be taken into consideration because it is crucial.

Type of Disorder

In addition to the criteria listed above, the work that a pediatric SLP is responsible for might also have an effect on their income. For instance, speech language pathologists (SLPs) who specialize in working with children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental problems may receive greater salaries than those who work with children who have communication disorders that are not as severe.

Average Salary of Pediatric Speech language pathologists

Even though the annual median wage for pediatric speech-language pathologists is $80,480, there is a wide range of pay that can be expected depending on factors such as location, number of years of experience, type of employer, and nature of work performed.

When deciding on a career path and negotiating their salaries, aspiring speech-language pathologists in pediatrics should give careful consideration to the aforementioned factors.

It is also important to point out that speech-language pathologists who specialize in pediatrics play an important part in enhancing the children’s communication skills. SLPs can assist in the early identification and treatment of communication abnormalities in children by beginning their work with children at a young age.

These issues can have a substantial influence on a child’s ability to succeed academically as well as socially. In addition, speech-language pathologists frequently collaborate closely with parents and various other caregivers to assist parents and other caregivers with techniques and support for strengthening communication skills at home.

It is vital to have a solid educational foundation in the subject in order to pursue a career as a pediatric speech-language pathologist; this is because the field is quite specialized. In the majority of states, speech-language pathologists are required to hold a master’s degree in the field of speech-language pathology in addition to a state license or certification. In addition to receiving a formal education, it may be beneficial to obtain experience working with children through internships or volunteer work. This experience may be gained in either a paid or unpaid capacity.

In general, the amount of money that pediatric speech-language pathologists make might be very different from one another depending on a number of different aspects. But regardless of how much money they make, the work that SLPs do is extremely important for assisting children in developing strong communication skills and achieving academic and social success!!

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