Clanton is a city in Chilton County. It has population of 8000, and if you would like consult with a speech therapist regarding the speech therapy in Clanton then here we come up with best near by clinics which you can visit and get the consultation and discuss about the therapy process, time and cost.

Restore Outpatient of Chilton County at 308 Park Plz, Clanton, AL 35045, United States

  • Address: 308 Park Plz, Clanton, AL 35045, United States
  • Zip Code: 35045
  • Phone: +1 205 301 5850
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Map Link:

Chilton County Physical Therapy at 2030 Lay Dam Rd, Clanton, AL 35045, United States

Shelley B Jones, Speech Therapy at Clanton 

This is what we know so far, but guys if you know any other speech therapy clinic in Clanton or an experienced and qualified speech therapist. Let us know via the contact and we will add the name here in the list for free with your phone number, address,  and Google’s location.

About the Author: Sarah Coughlan

Sarah is a certified Speech and Language Therapist holds a BA honours degree in Early Years Education. Sarah worked for a Local Authority within mainstream and specialist school settings. Sarah has experience working with primary and secondary school aged children with a diverse range of speech, language, communication and learning difficulties.

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