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What is Speech Therapy

If somebody has issues while speaking or he/she can’t pronounce a word correctly then this problem has been cured via a therapy which generally known as the speech therapy.

Using this therapy, if anybody like kid, toddler and adult struggling to speak in front of others or some words are not correct / clear then it can be fixed by providing training in 30 minutes to 1 hour sessions.

So here a process is followed and firstly an evaluation is done. After that, the sessions are conducted and exercised are performed at the clinics or home or online via the video conference on Skype, Google Meet, Zoom etc.

What does Speech Therapy do

Speech Disorder

The primary domain of speech therapy is to train a patient who struggling while speaking or you could say he/she has speech disorder. If a patient is facing some difficulties while speaking like can’t pronounce the words correctly or unable to form the speech sounds then speech therapy helps to sort out these problems.

Language Disorder

Secondary, this therapy also helps those who suffering from the language disorder. Mainly this problem is seen among the children who have trouble understanding language and communication. Hence by providing a proper training, a child is trained so that he can express himself and understand what others are saying.

Swallowing Disorder

Additionally, if a person has swallowing problem aka dysphagia (unable to swallow food in right way or eat with pain) then this therapy is recommended. Using this, a proper training is given to the muscles so a patient can effectively swallow the food directly in to the stomach without pain.

What Type of Problems and Condition Treated in Speech Therapy?

We have already explained above what kind of problems can be cured by this therapy. But guys there a dozen of other problems where speech therapy works very well and offers the desired results. Below are some of the areas where this therapy is required and offers the best result for long term


This is related to make sound, which involves movements of the lips, tongue, teeth, palate (top of the mouth) and respiratory system (lungs). By providing therapy, the movement of each and every section with face expression is improved, so a patient can make right sound with proper clarity.

Language Development

If you are unable to speak some specific words then via a proper training you can quickly improve it in few days. By age 6, most children learn the basics and also learn how to talk and read  to boost these skills.


Some people skips words when they are on the speed mode. So by following some fluency therapy techniques like Deep breathing, reduced speech rhythm, light articulation contact, and soft initiations a patient can shape & enhance the fluency and improve communication.

Voice Disorder

While speaking, your voice tone doesn’t sound correct and seems quite week. People with voice issues can alter their vocal habits and mend their vocal cords with the aid of voice treatment. Your voice sounds better and more like it did before the voice issue with the help of the therapy.

Oral Motors/ Swallowing Dysfunction

As we earlier explained speech therapy is quite helpful for those who face problem while eating food.  By taking proper sessions from an expert – the oral motors / throat muscles have been improved. This helps a patient in swallowing food without pain.

Sensory integration

Speech therapy plays a valuable role in supporting individuals with sensory integration difficulties. Sensory integration refers to the brain’s ability to process and respond to sensory information from the environment. Speech therapists, or speech-language pathologists (SLPs), assist in addressing sensory integration challenges that affect speech and language development.

Autism Spectrum

People who have autism may see improvements in their verbal, nonverbal, and social communication as a result of using speech therapy for Austim. The overarching objective is to assist the individual in communicating in ways that are more helpful and functional.

Augmentative Communication

A crucial part of speech therapy for those with communication issues is augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). It refers to numerous strategies and instruments used to support or take the place of spoken language for those who have difficulty communicating verbally.

Every time you give someone a thumbs-up, write something down and hand it to them, or cast a knowing glance across the room without saying anything, you are using AAC.

Whom Should You Consult for Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is provided by the authorized and trained professionals called speech-language pathologists (SLPs), also known as speech therapists.

These speech therapists have specialized training in assessing, diagnosing, and treating communication disorders and difficulties. SLPs work with individuals of all ages, from infants to adults, who may have speech, language, voice, swallowing, or cognitive communication impairments.

Speech-language pathologists typically hold a master’s degree in speech-language pathology  from a well-reputed institute. They may also have additional certifications or credentials depending on their area of expertise.

These SLPs receive extensive education and clinical training to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate and address a wide range of communication challenges. This is the person who helps to achieve speech therapy goals.

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Who Provides Speech Therapy

As you know, the speech related treatment can only be given by a professional and certified speech therapist. But where you can get the treatment with the latest technologies and equipment?

These SLPs have their private clinics where they provide the therapy sessions to their patient. But that’s not the only place where you can get the treatment.

SLPs work in a number of facilities . You can find the SLPs at the following location and start taking the consultation as per your booked schedule and time.


Many speech therapists are employed in educational settings, where they work with students who have speech and language disorders that impact their academic success.

At the schools, they mainly provide the therapy to kids who struggling while speaking. And guys this is all free and you don’t have to pay anything for this service.

The goal of speech and language services is to help your child do well in school and ultimately this helps a lot in learning and understanding the things.

Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers

SLPs are often part of multidisciplinary teams in medical settings, collaborating with physicians, nurses, and occupational and physical therapists to provide comprehensive care for individuals with communication difficulties resulting from medical conditions, injuries, or surgeries.

Here you can get the full treatment for free or you have to pay a little amount as a part of maintenance and services. If you need specific services related to speech then you can get it here easily by booking an appointment.

Private Practice

Mainly speech therapists have their own private clinics where they provide the speech therapy sessions to and individual or a group having different age.  This is considered to be the best and safest place to increase the speech skills because here a therapist put 100% effort and work with a clean goal.

Additionally at these type of private clinics the distractions point are very limited. Hence a patient learn the things quickly and improve the skills in very short time.

Early Intervention Programs

SLPs may work in early intervention programs that provide services to infants and toddlers with developmental delays or communication disorders. Thought these type of programs are limited but it helps a lot to setup a base and once a patient understand then he/she might opt for private sessions.

Research and Academia

Some SLPs pursue careers in research or academia, conducting research studies, teaching aspiring speech-language pathologists, or training future professionals in the field. Though they are not practically handling the patients, but still they can help a patient in the treatment for free.

Rehabilitation Centers

SLPs can be found in rehabilitation centers, assisting individuals recovering from strokes, traumatic brain injuries, or other neurological conditions to regain their communication abilities.

Again here the services might be free but it is guaranteed that you will get the speech therapy session and learn new stuff with others from professionals.

How to Find Best Speech Therapists for Speech Therapy in Your Area

The quick and the best way to look for these certified and well trained therapists online on your Android or iOS mobile by entering the speech therapists near me term on Google.

Note: Make sure you have enabled the GPS on mobile and working internet.

Upon searching for speech therapists, you will get a number of results with phone number, address, location pin, reviews and rating. Now guys just make a list and focus on the below give points which will help you to find best speech therapist in your local area (city/town/village).

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Research and Reviews

Once you have list in your hand check for the reviews and ratings. If the ratings are good and reviews are in the favor of therapist then keep that clinic in your list and remove other poor or low quality results.

You should always check for a therapist having rating more than 3.5 stars and reviews should be positive. This points indicate that a lot of people are happy with the services.

Contact and Consult

Once you have identified potential speech therapists, its time to contact them directly via the phone number or email address. Now inquire about their availability, services, and approach to therapy.

Schedule initial consultations to discuss your concerns, ask questions, and assess compatibility. This is the time where you mainly discuss with a therapist for:

  • What is your specialty?
  • What are the certification?
  • How much experience you have?
  • What are the timings?
  • How much time you will provide in a session?
  • What would be the cost of per session ?
  • Would the session be online or offline?
  • What about speech therapy insurance?
  • How long does the overall treatment take?
  • Is it the right time to start a therapy?
  • You can even ask for full treatment cost!!

The same thing you will ask with all therapists available in your list. On the basis of the answers and comfort ability, you can then finally make a decision and proceed for the next step.

Seek Recommendations

This is an optional but if you know someone who knows about this then you can consult your pediatrician, primary care doctor, teachers, school officials, or other medical specialists for recommendations.

They might have personal knowledge of the process or know of reliable speech therapists in your area.

So guys, discuss about each and every therapist available in your area and finally you can decide whom should you consult for the full speech therapy treatment.

Support Groups and Parent Networks

Before taking the last call, it is recommended reach out to support groups, parent networks, or online communities dedicated to speech and language disorders.

Other parents or individuals with similar experiences may offer valuable insights and recommendations. So if something is missing in your list then consider it too.

Remember that finding the best speech therapist may involve some trial and error. The therapist should be able to understand your needs, provide individualized therapy plans, and have a track record of positive outcomes.

What are the Speech Therapy Techniques

During therapy sessions, a qualified and well trained speech therapists use a variety of strategies and techniques to help individuals improve their speech and communication skills.

These days as you know the AI progressed a lot so many pro and young therapists are using the power of Chat GPT to generate new ideas which helps a lot during the speech therapy.

Now we are going to reveal about the some of the most used and common techniques that a therapist use during the speech therapy sessions for kids, adults and toddlers of all ages.


Self-talk is a technique where speech therapists talk about what they are doing now, what they see, smell, feel or hear. For example, during a session, a speech pathologist will narrate how he’s going to get flashcards out of the drawer . . . or how he’s going to build a tower out of Legos, etc.

Parallel Talk

Parallel talk is mainly the speech pathologist describing what the child is doing, feeling,  smelling, or hearing. (Ohhh you are playing with flash cards. . . You are eating peas… you are drinking water.)


If a kid is practicing a certain sound or word, don’t just tell them to speak it; instead, model the word you want them to work on, and then have them repeat it after you. This will help them learn the word more effectively.

Talk slowly

When working on someone’s communication skills especially child, talk at a slow pace for them to understand and repeat. The person will notice and try to improve.


When your child is speaking to a model, it is important to fix their sentence structure by adding one or more words whenever they do so. In the event that someone points to a doll and says, “That doll is tall,” your response should be “Oh yes, that doll is tall.”

Simplify Sentences

You can expand a child’s sentence structure while keeping it short, clear, and concise. Remember, simplicity is key. Instead of saying “Sarah enjoys making the creamiest and the most flavorful cupcakes,” you can say “Sara loves making cupcakes.”

Asking Open-ended Questions

Instead of asking closed-ended questions, ask open-ended questions to lead to more communication. Instead of saying “is this blue?” Ask “what color is the bowl?”


Use this method while playing with your little one or incorporate it in your daily routines. For instance, if it’s time to eat breakfast, give your toddler cereal and milk with a fork. Then, wait for them to ask for the spoon.


Having your child repeat words is great, but showing pictures along the words will probably motivate them more, while also improving their brain’s development.


Sometimes speech therapists will withhold a child’s favorite toy or object as a way of getting them to use their words and make requests. If they point at the object they want, model the word for them to repeat. (“Do you want the ball? Can you say more ball please?”)

Wait Time

Whether you ask your child a question or ask them to repeat a word, give them a few seconds to respond.

Use Silly Words and Sentences

You may be wondering whether silly sentences are something productive. But the truth is, speech therapists will at times use silly phrases to further stimulate a child’s articulation skills. (“My little spider went to London to buy leather.”).

Following a Child’s Lead

Following your toddler’s lead is more about observing and noticing what they like to play with, then using their interest to get them to communicate and work on their speech.

Positive Reinforcement

While it is always great to praise a child’s effort for saying a word or sentence correctly, it is also good to praise their attempt as a way of building their confidence and encouraging them to practice more.


I’ll say it a million times, repetition is a great method for kids to practice their speech and language skills. If they repeat the words or sentences making an error (“I love wabbits“) model the phrase correctly for them to repeat again (“You love rabbits . . . say rabbit etc.”)

Sign Language

Because it can aid a child’s developmental verbal language, speech therapists will sometimes incorporate sign language during their sessions to help a child better communicate.


Singing with your child is not only enjoyable, but it also teaches them about rhymes while developing their vocabulary abilities. This is something I could be biased to saying because I enjoy doing it myself, but singing with your child has many benefits. Don’t let it stop you from giving it a shot!

When is Speech therapy Needed

There are a number of serious situations when you need speech therapy. So if don’t have any idea what is the right time, when you should consider it, then below I have highlighted some cases.

  1. Speech Sound Disorders
  2. Language Delays or Disorders
  3. Stuttering
  4. Voice Disorders
  5. Cognitive-Communication Impairments
  6. Swallowing and Feeding Disorders
  7. Hearing Loss
  8. Social Communication Challenges
  9. Accent Modification
  10. Lack of Confidence

Here if you face any issue in your life at any age or you child facing it now then it means you need a therapy session from a speech and language pathologists. Don’t ignore these problems, just consult with a trained and experienced therapist as soon as possible to avoid something big!!

How Successful is Speech Therapy

This therapy is popular in whole world but still some people question about what is the success rate of speech therapy.

So guys Is it really effective? or just a myth?

Let’s find out now…

Speech Therapy Success Rate Case Study 1

In addition to that, A randomized controlled trial was conducted of a whole-service cohort of children referred to the Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Service of Middlesbrough Primary Care Trust between January 1999 and April 2000.

The 730 children involved, aged up to 16 years, were diagnosed with primary speech and/or language impairment in the absence of any learning, physical or sensory difficulty.

The result indicates that An average of 6 h of speech and language therapy in a 6-month period can produce significant improvement in performance, and it has been shown to be more effective than no treatment over the same 6-month period for children with primary speech and/or language impairment.

Speech Therapy Success Rate Case Study 2

Although there is no specific research that identifies a precise rate of success among speech therapy patients, one study found that roughly 70% of preschool-aged children who had speech therapy demonstrated a substantial increase in their communication skills.

How Much Does Speech Therapy Cost?

How Much Does Speech Therapy Cost

This is the phase that everyone would like to know before staring treatment. So guys we are here to reveal about what is an average cost if you opt for the speech therapy at clinic, at home or online aka virtual therapy.

Regarding the speech therapy cost, we are going to divide the price list of 1 session for 3 groups i.e. toddlers, kids and adults (of all ages). Have a look at below:

Speech therapy for Toddlers Cost

  • At Clinic: $150 – $250 / session
  • At Home: $200 – $250 / session
  • Online / Virtual Therapy (AnyWhere): $100-$200 / session

Speech therapy for Kids Cost

  • At Clinic: $150 – $250 / session
  • At Home: $200 – $250 / session
  • Online / Virtual Therapy (AnyWhere): $100-$200 / session

Speech therapy for Adult Cost

  • At Clinic: $150 – $250 / session
  • At Home: $200 – $250 / session
  • Online / Virtual Therapy (AnyWhere): $100-$200 / session

This is an average cost of therapy that has been charged by a speech therapist. Depends on your location, therapist experience, and type of therapy you can expect some variation in the prices.

Here’s the cpt codes for billing that help to understand how a healthcare provider use these codes to bill for services.

Additionally if you own an speech therapy insurance then this will help you a lot and you can reduce the cost of therapy per session by $100. Means without insurance might be you have to pay up to $250/session but if the insurance is available then you have to only pay $50 to $100/session.

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Final Words

We have tried our best to let you know about the speech therapy.

Those who struggling while speaking, would like to improve the voice tone, facing problems while eating food, and not pronouncing the words correctly, should consult with an experienced speech therapists available in your area.

Follow the tips while searching for a speech therapist in your area.

Once you satisfied, you can start the treatment and see a significant improvement in the speech and gain a confidence in just few days or weeks.

If you have any query or would like to know then feel free to let us know in the feedback section below and don’t forget to share it with others on social media groups.

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