As you know guys communication is a fundamental human right and in recent years the advancement of mobile technologies has provided alternate ways for people to communicate

So if we talk about the AAC, then it is a term that focus on the methods that we use to communicate with others excluding oral speech.

Those who would like to know what exactly is AAC technology and what are different types of AAC? then, just keep scrolling below and get all answers in few minutes.

What is AAC

AAC is short form for augmentative and alternative communication.

It assists people who have difficulty with speech or language skills to communicate. If a person can’t speak then using the other communication methods he/she can convey a message to public or friends.

AAC refers to all forms of communication other than verbal speech like writing, sign language, expressions etc! has explained the definition of AAC in more detail in the PDF. So I would like to encourage you, download it and check the source and for more details you can also visit

Now if we look at the speech therapy, then (AAC) plays a significant role in speech therapy.

Speech therapists often incorporate AAC strategies and tools to support individuals who have difficulty with speech production or are nonverbal.

AAC in speech therapy aims to enhance communication skills, improve functional communication, and empower individuals to express themselves effectively.

Types of AAC

Augmentative and Alternative Communication  includes all forms of communication other than oral speech. But still AAC has 2 most common types named Low Tech options and High Tech options:

#1. Low-tech options include things like

  • Facial expressions
  • Gestures
  • Sign language
  • Writing, and
  • Pointing to picture boards

#2. High-tech options include things like

  • Communicating with an AAC app on an iPad, and
  • Using a dedicated speech generating device SGD to talk

Further if we go in detail then you will find out that there are many different types of AAC apps and SGDs.

AAC apps and SGDs are tools that assist people in making phrases and sentences using symbols and text on a keyboard.

As an example is the lamp words for Life app

  • LAMP stands for language acquisition through motor planning.
  • The user uses a maximum of three tabs to get to any word. The motor patterns used to say words remain consistent to allow for the development of quick and easy communication.

The idea is similar to that of a qwerty keyboard.

Having access to an AAC device provides communication opportunities for individuals with complex communication needs to:

  • Express their needs and wants
  • Get and share information
  • Build relationships and
  • Engage in Social etiquette

Remember: Having a communication device doesn’t make you an effective communicator any more than having a piano makes you a musician.

How AAC Devices Can be More Effective?

To help AAC users become effective communicators, it is important make sure

  • The AAC device is accessible at all times.
  • Model consistently using the AAC device.
  • Focus on core vocabulary and keywords.
  • Plan communication opportunities throughout the day.

What are the benefits of AAC?

At present due to the advancement of technology in communication field, you will find out that the AAC has a number of proven benefits including:

  • Improving speech intelligibility,
  • Improving an individual’s quality of life,
  • Increased health and safety,
  • Empowering the individual,
  • Increased participation in life activities,
  • Increased independence,
  • Reduced frustration, and
  • Diminished behavioral problems.

What are the goals of AAC?

In real life it has been seen that due to lack of communication skills, many people lag behind and they cannot progress. So here the AAC helps a lot…

  • The primary goal of AAC systems is to facilitate individuals’ active participation and engagement in meaningful events in their daily lives.
  • It provides individuals with the opportunity and capability to communicate messages, participate in home, school, work or community environments, learn their native language, establish and maintain social roles, and meet their personal needs.
  • It enables them to have a voice and be actively involved in decision-making processes.
  • It helps reduce isolation and fosters connections with family, friends, and the broader community.
  • AAC systems can support the development of language and literacy skills in individuals with communication difficulties. They provide opportunities for language expansion, vocabulary development, and literacy acquisition.

So guys that’s all about the augmentative and alternative communication.

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