The buzz of open AI Chat GPT is everywhere and to give it a tough fight Google recently released its Bard AI, which seems a good tool for speech language pathologists for providing next level speech therapy to patients like adults, kids, toddlers etc.

As we know the chat gpt is quite helpful for speech therapy. It suggests a number of ideas and speech therapy exercises  which you can perform at home.

But if we talk about the Bard, then it is bit advanced as compared to chat gpt as it draws information from the internet which makes it one of the best AI tool. So now if you have been thinking, how Google bard AI will help you during the speech therapy sessions? please check the following guide now.

How Speech Language Pathologists can use Google Bard AI 

A speech therapist is well aware how to start a treatment, but to make the therapy session more interesting latest ideas are required which now days can be learned easily from the artificial intelligence applications in just 1 click.

So at present Google Bard AI will help as this AI has the potential to be a valuable tool for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in a variety of ways. Plus this AI tool will provide the source links too which you can visit to expand your knowledge in the speech therapy domain for the better treatment.

Here are a few examples, which will help you to understand how Google bard AI will help a speech language pathologist in the speech therapy session.

Generating practice materials

SLPs can easily create practice items to utilize with their clients using Bard. For instance, Bard can be used to create lists of words or phrases that emphasize particular speech sounds or linguistic abilities.

This can assist SLPs save a lot of time and work while also ensuring that the practice materials are customized to meet the needs of each client.

In addition to that, you will also get some trusted sources which you can follow to get the practice materials for free!

Providing feedback

If someone listens you then he/she may correct you but being an human you can’t trust the person is right or wrong. But if a robot is analyzing your activities then you can get the unbiased response and on the basis of that you can improve your speech skills.

And guys the best thing is that Bard can be used to provide clients feedback on their communication abilities.

It can be used to listen to recordings of customers’ speech and offer feedback on their grammar, fluency, and pronunciation. This can assist SLPs in determining the areas in which clients need more practice and can encourage clients to develop their abilities.

Educating clients and families

Bard can also be used for speech and language disorder education for clients and their families. It an provide information about the causes of speech and language disorders, their signs and symptoms, and the available treatments.

Once you know about the signs and symptoms you can further search for best speech therapists in your area to get the treatment from a certified and trained therapist.

How Bard AI can be used in speech therapy

The use case list is quite long but there are some specific examples which will highlight about how Google’s Bard AI can be used in speech therapy to cure a kid, adult or toddler.

Articulation therapy

The Bard AI of Google can be used to generate lists of words and sentences that target specific speech sounds.

For example, if a client is struggling with the /s/ sound, Bard can be used to generate a list of words that start with /s/, such as “star,” “soap,” and “sun.”

Bard can also be used to generate sentences that contain /s/ sounds, such as “The sun shines on the sea.”

Fluency therapy

It helps to provide unbiased feedback on clients’ fluency.

For example, This AI application is used listen to recordings of clients’ speech and provide feedback on their rate of speech, their use of fillers, and their overall fluency.

Upon analyzing the data it can also be used to provide clients with strategies for improving their fluency.

Language therapy

If you looking for research papers or some valid and working practice materials for clients, Bard AI will help. Using this application you can get authentic data which will  help on language skills such as vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.

For example, Bard can be used to generate lists of vocabulary words, to provide examples of correct grammar, and to ask questions about stories or passages.

Final Words

The use cases of Bard AI in speech therapy is quite vast. As a therapist you can use this application to generate new treatment ideas. You can learn new things and improve the therapy timings.

You can even use this AI to know how to handle a special case + in case if you need more resources this tool will help to provide all relevant materials and papers.

It is important to note that Bard AI is still under development, and it is not a replacement for the expertise of a speech-language pathologist.

However, Bard AI can be a valuable tool for SLPs, and it can help them to provide more effective and efficient services to their clients.

So guys that’s all about the Google bard AI. In near future we can some big use case in live treatment and if you anything else please let us know in the comments below – Have Fun!

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