Stuttering is a common speech disorder that can have an immense impact on the life of a child. While there are many treatment options for stuttering, one of the most effective ways to address it is through exercises designed to help improve fluency and reduce the severity of stuttering.

We are going to highlight about the 7 best exercises to help a stuttering child. The following exercises can help a stuttering child overcome their stutter and gain confidence in speaking.

Here are the exercises to help a stuttering child

#1. Slow Speech

Slowing down speech helps the child focus on each word they are saying and makes it easier to enunciate them clearly. Encourage the child to take their time when speaking and to practice gradually building up speed as they become more proficient.

#2. Breath Support

Proper breath support is important for stuttering children to be able to project their voice and enunciate clearly. Encourage the child to take deep breaths before speaking, speak in short phrases and take pauses between words if needed.

#3. Thought Grouping

Have the child group thoughts into small chunks so that it becomes easier for them to communicate without hesitating or becoming overwhelmed trying to say too many words at once.

#4. Choral Reading

Choral reading is an excellent exercise for stuttering children because it forces them to read aloud in unison with another person, creating a sense of security and confidence when speaking in public.

#5. Picture-Word Association

Have the child create a mental picture of each word they want to say before saying it aloud. This helps them break down long sentences into manageable chunks and also helps them focus on enunciating every word clearly.

#6. Singing

Encourage the child to sing their sentences as this can help them gain control over their speech, while building up confidence in speaking out loud. This helps improve motor coordination, control and fluency of speech and built a clear voice base and best for the vocal cords also.

Singing also increases confidence and self-esteem as the child has to express themselves vocally in order to properly sing along with others. This way a child overcome their challenges and develop better communication skills.

#7. Meditation

Practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation can help reduce anxiety and tension related to stuttering, allowing the child to be more at ease when speaking. You can try any of the medication at home or in the part during morning hours and see how this improve your vocal skills.

In addition to that, the Jaw technique and AEIOU therapy is also considered by the therapist!!

With continued practice and dedication, these exercises can be incredibly effective in helping your stuttering child overcome their stutter and gain more confidence in their communication skills!

It is important to remember to be patient, supportive and encouraging when helping your child with their stutter. Praise them after each exercise and reward them for their efforts to create a positive learning environment that will motivate them to continue working towards their goal.

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